Imagining Queer Bandung: Podcasting Workshops

Application deadline: 15th June 2021 23:00 CET
Participants announcement: end of June 2021

This workshop is designed to provide you with the knowledge, practical skills and tools to produce your own podcasts. This workshop will cover audio storytelling basics, including concept, format, structure, the art of the interview (researching guests, forming questions, active listening, and how to prepare and conduct various interview types), sound-mixing, editing, distribution, and project sustainability.

Using collaborative curatorial practice, this workshop will be facilitated by Abby Baheerathan (Acca Pillai Podcast), Gizem Adiyaman (Realitäter*innen Podcast), Dorjee Lhamo (50Prozent Project), Abilaschan Balamuraley (Maangai Podcast), Sung Un (Bin Ich Süßsauer? Podcast) and Rodrigo Zorzanelli (Intersectional Podcast). Each mentor will contribute and share their knowledge, skills, and experiences in 4 sessions over a span of 2 consecutive weekends.

Venue: Aquarium am Südblock, Skalitzer Str. 6, 10999 Berlin

Funded by Fonds Soziokultur and The European Solidarity Corps in cooperation with bi’bak and  ‘Queer’ Asia in Germany

How to apply?

For more information and details of the workshops and how to apply, click the link below: 

Imagining Queer Bandung Podcasting Workshop

Please attach the following as pdf (in English or German):
– Short bio and CV (both max. 1-2 A4)
– Short motivation and project description (both max. 1-2 A4)

*If you have any queries or problems with using the forms, please email:*

SESSIONS – Please only apply if you can attend and commit to the full workshop:

Session 1 (TBA) : Saturday, 14.08.2021 • 11:00–13:30
Session 2 (TBA) : Sunday, 15.08.2021 • 11:00–13:30

Production phase : 16–20.08.2021

Session 3 (TBA) : Saturday, 21.08.2021 • 11:00–13:30

The final session, listening party, and feedback with all: Sunday, 22.08.2021 • 11:00–13:30

– Choose to work as an individual or as a group
– Each team and participant will receive free sound equipment, a small budget for production materials, and free food!
– Space is limited to 6 participants only

Please note:
1. The venue is wheelchair accessible.
2. While English is the primary working language, we openly accept non-English speaking applicants. If requested, we can provide German translation, sign language translation and/or further linguistic support.
3. This offer is free of charge and open for queer BIPOC only.
4. One of our project’s aims is to build a community through knowledge sharing and engagement. Due to this, it is obligatory to attend all workshop sessions. Please only apply if you can attend and commit to the full workshop.
5. No specific skills or experience required.
6. We can offer a certificate confirming participation in this workshop. Please note however that ‘Queer’ Asia and bi’bak are grassroots collectives; we are not affiliated with an academic institution in Germany.
7. Due to Covid-19, every participant must show a negative test before entering the space. Everyone must wear a mask during the event and adhere to the social distancing rules of 1.5 meters (to be updated).