Call for Volunteers

Volunqueers Assemble QA2018

Sign up to volunteer ‘Queer’ Asia’s events and online activities throughout the year! 

There’s lots to do to make the world a more colourful place, and here’s what we’d like you to help us with:

– Social Media Outreach: This one’s for all the twitters and facebook friends! We need queeps to put our messages out there, loud and proud.

– Fund-Raising and Networking: Good with the glitterati? We need queeps to get the right people to make our events bigger, better and create more ‘Queer’ Asian alliances.

– Events Management: Queeps to help set up and organise our super fun run up events in London, and host our A-list scholars and speakers.

-Media and Website Design: Geekster queeps and archive hunters needed for handling our website, audio and video editing. We have some very qu33rky videos from QA2016 that need some TLC!

We need people who are committed, self-starting and passionate about all things Queer. Think you fit the bill? Fill up this form below and we’ll get back in touch with you ASAP!
There’s lots to do, and very little time!

Volunqueers Assemble!