QA Events

Research • Film • Art •  Performance

We bring together artists, researchers and performers to highlight and provide a platform for queer research, film, art and performance on or from Asia. Our events include monthly seminars, screenings and discussions focusing on specific regions or disciplines pertaining to queer themes from Asia. All the way from South Korea, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Iraq, to Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, China, Singapore, and Mongolia.

A list of our events  is below, for more details to each event please follow the links.


18 Jan 2021: Funny Boy: A Conversation with Deepa Mehta and Brandon Ingram – online (in collaboration with LSE Gender)


9–18 October 2020: ‘Queer’ Asia selection at queer qandī film fest – online (in collaboration with QTI Coalition)

1 Jun – 29 Jul 2020: Covid-19 Community Support Screenings – online (in collaboration with LSE Gender, LSE Embrace, LSE Spectrum, and Queer@King’s)

8th March 2020 (6.30-8.30pm): ‘Queer’ Asia: Decolonisation and Russia – BH Lecture Theatre 2 (S)4.04, Strand Campus, Kings College London, London

28th February 2020 (6.00-8.00pm): ‘Queer Love: Stories from India’ – SOAS University of London (in collaboration with SOAS India Society, SOAS Student’s Union, Gaysi Family)

18th February 2020 (6:00-7:30pm): Queer thoughts in Indic mythology – Nash Lecture Theatre, Stand Campus, Kings College London, London


29th December 2019 (7:00-10:00pm): Drag Asia (Berlin) – Silver Future, Weserstrasse 206, 12047 Neukölln, Berlin

7th December 2019 (6:00-9:00pm): ‘Queer’ Asia in Berlin: Welcome Event – Gladt e.V., Lützowstraße 28, 10785 Berlin

28th Mar 2019 (2:00 – 4:00pm): Open Forum: Rethinking LGBTQ Asia through Art – The British Musuem, Great Russell Street

22nd Feb 2019 (7:00pm): Panel: Building a LGBT Asian Community in the UK – Nash Lecture Theatre, Strand Campus, KCL


23rd Feb 2018 (6:00pm): Film Screening: Bugis Street – Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, Wilkins Building (Main Building), UCL

9th Feb 2018 (5:00pm): Performance Talk: Queer Korea (How Are You Doing?) – SALT, Paul Webley Wing, SOAS, University of London

8th Feb 2018 (7:00pm): Film Screening: Satyavati – B202, Brunei Gallery, SOAS, University of London

24th Nov 2017 (6:00pm): The Non-performativity of Protest Politics & the Erotics of Resistance – SALT, SOAS, University of London

14th Nov 2017 (7:00pm): Too Desi, Too Queer with Brixton Reel – DLT, SOAS, University of London


14th June 2017 (6:15pm): Book Launch – Digital Queer Culture in India – G3, SOAS, University of London

15th March 2017 (5pm): Queer Research in Japanese and Taiwanese Contexts – S315, Paul Webley Wing, SOAS, University of London

10th March 2017 (7pm – 10pm): Film Screening: The Journey and Queerala – B102, Brunei Gallery, SOAS, University of London

7th March 2017 (6.15pm): Feminist Activism in China, in conversation with Li Maizi – Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS, University of London

1st March 2017 (5.30pm – 7pm): Borderland Poetry and Art – JCR, SOAS, University of London

24th February 2017 (7pm-8.30pm): VaChina Monologues (Screening), followed by a Q&A with Whiskey Chow, organised by Jiemei 姐妹 – The Horse Hospital (Russell Square)

15th February 2017 (6pm – 7pm): The Muslim Ban and LGBTQ+ Refugees – KLT, SOAS, University of London.

2nd February 2017 (6pm – 7pm): Queer Liberation in Post-Colonial Hong Kong – 4429 Main Building, SOAS, University of London.


15th November 2016 (5pm – 6pm): Aligarh Film Screening – DLT, Main Building, SOAS, University of London.

11th November 2016 (7pm – 9:30pm): Aligarh Film Screening – SWLT, Paul Webley Wing, SOAS, University of London.

22nd October 2016 (5pm – 8pm): Clash or Coalition: Queer Korean Activism and Academic Research – SOAS, University of London.

14th October 2016 (6pm – 7pm): Sources for a Queer Tamil History – S211, Paul Webley Wing, SOAS, University of London.