Drag Asia (Berlin)

29 December 2019, 1900-2200
Silver Future, Weserstrasse 206, 12047 Neukölln, Berlin
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(EN) We know the holidays can be stressful and lonely, especially for many of our queer siblings. Join us for an exciting queer holiday event in Berlin. ‘Queer’ Asia and GLADT are happy to host Drag Asia featuring three incredibly talented performers:

Isu Mignon Mignonne/ Isu Kim Lee (異水 謎龍 美姩)
Isu questions how itself* appears in the world, and twist it through various kinds of performance. It can be a ritual; it can be a lecture; it can be catharsis. It resurrects the invisible queer death through a green screen; It gets possessed by the bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even while summoning the fountain by vertically peeing on the floor. It investigates the estrogen contained inside the plastic through the eye of the future species. It surrenders to its trauma by being dragged and pepper-sprayed.

Prince Emrah
Refugees have made the headlines in Germany a few years ago. Among the queer refugees, there is Prince Emrah, who fled Turkmenistan because of his/her non-conforming gender. In Berlin, she has become a belly dancer performing at weddings and in clubs, also djing and organizing different multi-cultural events. He is the founder of the collective “House of Oriental” which consists of fresh migrant-queer dance, singing, and drag talent from Libya, Syria, Malaysia… Whether attending their German “integration” classes or studying to be beauty experts, this collective lead their more “expected” lives during the day. The nighttime is reserved for celebrating beauty and queerness on the stage.

Vivienne Lovecraft
In the name of love and equality she was summoned: Vivienne Lovecraft is fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight, she never runs from a real fight against racism. This magical gurl is here to serve fantasy looks and goofy behaviour. Her biggest fear is more AFD seats in the goverment, and her biggest passion is make-up and punching Nazis into the throat. She wants to bring magic and equality into this world, and she wants you to help her.

Free entrance! Please consider tipping our performers if you can (we will have a collection which will be shared amongst performers, including to ensure safe transportation to and from venue)

Who are we?
‘Queer’ Asia is a network of queer-identifying scholars, academics, activists, artists, and performers. It is a platform for Inter-Asia collaboration, dialogue, and research on issues affecting people who self-identify as LGBTQ+ or belong to other non-normative sexualities and gender identities in Asia, or Asian diasporas and beyond.’Queer’ Asia in Berlin is supported by and in collaboration with GLADT e.V. – this reflects GLADT commitment to making space for true diversity and intersectionality.

(DE) Wir wissen, dass die Feiertage stressig und einsam sein können, besonders für viele unserer schwulen Geschwister. Erleben Sie mit uns eine spannende, queere Urlaubsveranstaltung in Berlin. Queer’ Asia und GLADT freuen sich, Drag Asia mit drei unglaublich talentierten Künstlern zu Gast zu haben Isu Mignon Mignonne (異水 謎龍 謎龍 美姩), Prince Emrah, und Vivienne Lovecraft.