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J. Daniel Luther ( (QA Co-founder)

Daniel is a fourth year doctoral researcher at the Department of South and South East Asia at SOAS, University of London. They work on queer theory, cinema, and literature. They distribue their time between London and the Midlands, biking, board games, and good food!

Jennifer Ung Loh

Jenny Ung Loh ( (QA17 Organising Committee)

Jenny divides her time between academic pursuits focused on South Asia (gender and sexuality, religious studies, colonial and postcolonial history) and her corgis (owning, adoring, and promotional work). Living in the countryside (no streetlights), she enjoys frequenting country pubs, cooking, and obstacle courses.

aapurv jainAapurv Jain ( (QA Co-founder) 

Aapurv is a gender and sexual rights activist based in New Delhi, India. He completed his MA Gender and Sexuality at SOAS, University of London as a Felix Scholar and is currently working as a Programme Officer at Partner for Law in Development (PLD), a feminist legal resource group.

Allan SimsonAllan C. Simpson ( (QA Co-founder)

Allan is into all that is contemporary South Korean, specifically queer works of literature and film. He is an avid learner of languages and teaches Korean to keep that coin coming, but most especially enjoys teaching his SOAS hinnies the Geordie tongue. Oft found in cafes; and craquant cake is the way to his heart!

Tessa Qia

Tessa (QA17 Organising Committee)

Tessa is a fourth year Music and Chinese student at SOAS. After hanging out at the Beijing LGBT Centre during her year abroad in China, she’s been more and more interested in queer activism both in London and Beijing. You can be sure to hear her on SOAS radio playing the freshest underground music from China and the diaspora on her radio show “bang bang bang de qiao men sheng”!

How Wee Ng ( (QA Co-founder)

How Wee teaches Chinese cinema and Modern Chinese Language in the Department of China and Inner Asia. He received his doctorate from SOAS, Univeristy of London on the assumption that he would be following the footsteps of eminent alumni like the late Chinese writer Lao She.

Instead, the greatest reward was finding himself using strange British phrases like: ‘You look chuffed!’, ‘Oh, I’m absolutely gutted’, ‘Blimey!’, ‘You’re such a knob!’

He puts it down to British telly and his students.

Shantanu Singh ( (QA17 Organising Committee)

Shantanu is an economist at the LSE India Observatory working on development, entrepreneurship, gender, and education. He completed his M.Sc Economics from the LSE and is always talking data. He finds curiousity a compelling motivator when it comes to tastebuds, languages or people.

Imrane Lawrence Trocme ( (QA17 Organising Committee)

Imrane is studying political ecology and development with a focus on capitalist ecological crises and social unrest in the middle east. Reading too much obscure academic literature on social relations has drawn him to seek escape routes: discovering new worlds of music & cinema, attempts at amateur film-making, day long cooking sprees and techno raves in the depths of London. Recently he feels subject to a certain degree of cognitive dissonance, wondering how he could be both a force of progressive change in this world and spend most of his time on an isolated sunny beach paradise with a few friends, loud music and fresh lager.

U Bava dharani ( (QA17 Organising Committee)

Bava is a third year LLB student. When she is not reading about the shortcomings of the different legal regimes that govern this planet, she escapes to South Indian cinema. Years of  watching cinema has conditioned her well to sit for long hours at a time and listen attentively, which has helped immensely in university. So yes she strongly believes that being a film junkie can be an educational experience. Of course getting away with snacking is the tricky part.

Organising Committee 2016:

Queer Asia Co-Founders

Aapurv Jain

Allan C. Simpson

J. Daniel Luther

Ng, How Wee