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‘Queer’ Asia blogs present perspectives on LGBTQ+ issues in Asia. Our contributors include artists, activists and academics working on LGBTQ+ issues in Asia or Asian diasporas. If you wish to contribute to our blog, please write to us at


 QA Blog Series: What is ‘Queer’ in South Korea? Explorations of art, identity, and ‘queerness’

Reflections on an exhibition of queer art in Korea – Camille Sung 

Performing Art in South Korea – Sungjae Lee 

Queer art from Korea (Seoul): A List of My Own, 2017 – Yeonsook LEE / 리타 (Rita)



Event Report: Queer Korean Trans and Diaspora Identity

Queer’ Asia and SOAS North Korea Society got together to organise a seminar on “Queer Korean Trans and Diaspora Identity” at SOAS, University of London on 1st Dec, 2017.



Image 1 Lebanon

QA Blog Series: Resistance and Subversion 

Queer Movement in Lebanon – Ismail Shogo

Queer Movement in Kazakhstan – Amir Shaikezhanov

 Queer Movement in Singapore – Cassandra Thng

 Concluding remarks on a comparative outlook of queer movements in Singapore, Kazakhstan, and Lebanon – Ismail Shogo 


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Overview of LGBTQ activism in South Korea by Heezy Kim Yang

“Even though South Korea has become a culturally very influential Asian country, non-native South Koreans outside South Korea are often only able to access limited bits of the country’s culture due to the language barrier and South Korea’s unfamiliarity with foreigners.”


Dishes and Desire in DC

QA17 – Zed Books Blog Contest

Being Queer in North Korea – Shyun J. Ahn 

Waiting for the Worst – Diego García Rodríguez

Dishes and Desire in DC – Ping H. Wang 

Versions of Violence Against Trans People in China – Ausma Bernotaite

The Colonial Choreography of Queer Value – Sara Shroff


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What do queers want? QA17 Summary by Allan C. Simpson

A summary write up of the ‘Queer’ Asia 2017 Conference by Allan C. Simpson, Co-founder and Committee member of ‘Queer’ Asia




Trans rights: Legal gender recognition in Asia and the Pacific by Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN)

“Trans people are among the most vulnerable populations throughout Asia and the Pacific and face significant barriers in exercising their human rights, including their right to health.”



QA17 – IAPS, University of Nottingham Blog Series 

Queer Politics and Tibet: Past, Present and the Future – Seagh Kehoe and Chelsea E. Hall

Gay and Indian in Malaysia? Forget it – R. Jeyathurai

Acrush: A Case Study in Chinese Gender Neutrality – Jamie J. Zhao

Queer’ India: A Path to Sustained Progress? – Jennifer Ung Loh



Awareness awaiting recognition: Intersex rights in Hong Kong – Geoffrey Yeung 

“Activists are still advocating for the right for intersex people not to be subject to genital surgeries without their consent. The gender binary remains entrenched in the law and on identity cards.”


indonesia caningFar left behind: the situation of LGBTI rights in Indonesia – Yasmin Purba

“Although there is no law criminalising homosexuality or same-sex conduct at the national level, except in Aceh province, there are at least 15 discriminatory policies against LGBTI people in Indonesia.”