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‘Queer’ Asia blogs present perspectives on LGBTQ+ issue in Asia. Our contributers include artists, activists and academics working on LGBTQ+ issues in Asia or Asian diasporas. If you wish to contribute to our blog, please write to us at

QueerAsiaBlog Series: Resistance and Subversion – Queer Movements Across Asia Concluding Remarks – A Comparative Outlook of Singapore, Kazakhstan, and Lebanon 



Image 1 Lebanon

Blog Series: Resistance and Subversion – Queer Movements across Asia: Lebanon by Ismail Shogo




Kazakhstan Image 2Blog Series: Resistance and Subversion – Queer Movements across Asia: Kazakhstan by Amir Shaikezhanov






Image 3 Singapore Blog Series: Resistance and Subversion – Queer Movements across Asia: Singapore by Cassandra Thng



image 7Overview of LGBTQ activism in South Korea by Heezy Kim Yang





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Queer Asia 2017 Zed Books Essay Competition:

Being Queer in North Korea – Shyun J. Ahn 

Waiting for the Worst – Diego García Rodríguez

Dishes and Desire in DC – Ping H. Wang 

Versions of Violence Against Trans People in China – Ausma Bernotaite

The Colonial Choreography of Queer Value – Sara Shroff


QA Map What do queers want? QA17 Summary by Allan C. Simpson




transgender-e1498657480222-1038x640 Trans rights: Legal gender recognition in Asia and the Pacific by Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN)


tibet Queer Politics and Tibet: Past, Present and the Future by Seagh Kehoe and Chelsea E. Hall

malaysia Gay and Indian in Malaysia? Forget it by R. Jeyathurai

gfWQc1yi Acrush: A Case Study in Chinese Gender Neutrality by Jamie J. Zhao

india‘Queer’ India: A Path to Sustained Progress? by Jennifer Ung Loh


Awareness awaiting recognition: Intersex rights in Hong Kong by Geoffrey Yeung

indonesia caning

Far left behind: the situation of LGBTI rights in Indonesia by Yasmin Purba