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‘Queer’ Asia blogs present perspectives on LGBTQ+ issue in Asia. Our contributers include artists, activists and academics working on LGBTQ+ issues in Asia or Asian diasporas. If you wish to contribute to our blog, please write to us at

image 7Overview of LGBTQ activism in South Korea by Heezy Kim Yang





QA Map What do queers want? QA17 Summary by Allan C. Simpson




transgender-e1498657480222-1038x640 Trans rights: Legal gender recognition in Asia and the Pacific by Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN)


tibet Queer Politics and Tibet: Past, Present and the Future by Seagh Kehoe and Chelsea E. Hall

malaysia Gay and Indian in Malaysia? Forget it by R. Jeyathurai

gfWQc1yi Acrush: A Case Study in Chinese Gender Neutrality by Jamie J. Zhao

india‘Queer’ India: A Path to Sustained Progress? by Jennifer Ung Loh


Awareness awaiting recognition: Intersex rights in Hong Kong by Geoffrey Yeung

indonesia caning

Far left behind: the situation of LGBTI rights in Indonesia by Yasmin Purba