Queer Safer Spaces

Part of the ‘Queer’ Asia 2020: Rethinking Radical Now Blog Series

By Elmira Zadissa & Ramona Zadissa

With this work, they question the idea of Queer Safer Spaces as safe only when one complies to identify with the norm. It is a response to the experience of being unsafe and made invisible in so-called queer safer spaces where only parts of one’s identity are accommodated for. By being expected to disrobe from those parts which do not fit the normative narrative, minorities are invited to a gentrified definition of Queer Spaces where the only those with the privilege of normativeness can enjoy being Safe. The non conformative parts of one’s identity are pushed out into the toxic margins of these Queer Safer Spaces.

Queer Safer Spaces, Mixed media with embossed paper and wire, 2019
Elmira Zadissa & Ramona Zadissa

Bio: Elmira Zadissa and Ramona Zadissa often work in an interdisciplinary manner, exploring the intersection of arts and politics (contact: info@zadissa.com)

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