‘Queer’ Asia Selection at queer qandī festival (9–18 October)

‘Queer’ Asia are thrilled to be guest curating three films at the queer qandī film festival (9–18 October), organised by the QTI Coalition, Cambridge. An intersectional celebration of queer journeys and destinations, this fest explores migration and movement – two constants in the lives of gender and sexually non-normative communities in SWANA (Southwest Asia and North Africa). All screenings are free to ‘attend’ online at any time for the duration of the festival. QTI have lined up exciting live panels with filmmakers, activists and scholars, as well as conversations with cast and crew, on Zoom for the closing weekend.

Look out for ‘Queer’ Asia’s picks below, marked with the QA logo.

qandī festival

Haki Fadi (2017)

Dir. Centre for Transnational Development and Collaboration

Country: UK/Palestine

Genre: Documentary

Language: Arabic. English subtitles

A statement by non-normative people in the MENA region who refuse to define and box themselves, this documentary not only points out the multiple struggles non-normative people face but also conveys the message that the key to resistance is love.

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Le Coup

Director: Jacky Nassour

Country: Lebanon

Genre: Poetic Short

Language: N/A

An evocative film about two girls from different backgrounds, who find one another and express their similarities in a rather strange way.

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This Little Father Obsession

Dir. Selim Mourad

Country: Lebanon

Genre: Documentary

Language: Arabic, French. English subtitles

A kaleidoscopic family film blending documentary and auto-fiction, ‘This Little Father Obsession’ shows the complexity of Lebanese society confronted with the personal aspirations of an individual. The filmmaker’s desire for emancipation comes in conflict with the weight of patriarchal tradition; Selim Mourad sketches the portrait of a family in which he is trying to find his place.

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To view the full film selection and for more information, please visit queerqandi.org or find QTI Coalition on Facebook