‘Queer’ + Decoloniality in Post-Socialist States

Date: 9th July 2021 — 12:00-17:00 BST / 17:00-22:00 GMT+6 / 16:30-22:30 IST / 07:00-12:00 EST

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Both ‘queer’ and decolonial may promise to open radical potentialities that challenge
traditional binary logics of gender, sexuality, race and ‘civilisational status’. Seeking to
reverse and/or transcend exclusionary distinctions between ‘subject’ and ‘object’, these
terms can challenge a range of oppressive intersectional norms – sexuality, coloniality,
religion and beyond. Together, they may also critique ‘sexuality’ and ‘nation’ as primary
markers of identity. At the same time, paradoxically, both can become subsumed into the
very binary logics they seek to subvert, whether identity politics or nationalism(s). What and
how do ‘queer; and decolonial together make meaning in post-socialist contexts? And, what
are the practices that shape them? As Maria Lugones famously stated, “I will not think what
I will not practice”. In this space, we want to showcase a range of interventions that
foreground these terms’ critical edge as radical tools for examining and challenging that
which is deemed normal, in contexts that emerged from, are haunted by and/or remain
stuck under russian colonisation.

This event will be a roundtable, with five talks (45 minutes). Each session will consist of one
paper or film screenings (20-30 mins) and a discussion session. 

Audiences are invited to attend the whole day in the spirit of inclusivity, empathetic
listening, and community building.


Time (BST)Paper titlePresenter
12:00 – 12:45Russian queer (counter-)revolution? The
appropriation of western queer discourses by Russian
LGBTQ communities:  a media case study
Olga Andreyevskikh
12:55 – 13.40(Re)Orienting Anti-Politics: Western Queer
Subjectivity under Chinese Authoritarianism
Evan Zhao
13.50 – 14.35Screening of Layer & Q&A with the Director*Ruthie Jenrbekova
15:05 – 15.50(Black)Pearls of Wisdom: Understanding Resistance
through the Milk Tea Alliance
U Bava Dharani
16:00 – 16.45Contextualizing Homoeroticism with Emotional
Geography through Samaresh Basu’s Short Bengali
Story Uratiya
Victor Banerjee

See the original call for submissions here

*Layer contains scenes of explicit nature. Viewing is restricted to viewers who are above the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction.