There are so many talented LGBTQ identifying artists, researchers and activists struggling in queerphobic environments and with limited financial support. We are raising funds to enable them to share their work and research on a wider platform and faciliate an inter-Asia dialogue. As well as building QueerAsia as a sustainable network and online platform.


Last year we supported activists such as Amir Ashour (from Iraqueer in Iraq), Bryan Choong (from Oogachaga in Singapore), Ghiwa Sayegh (from Kohl in Lebanon), Film makers such as Fan Popo (from China), academics and lawyers such as Arvind Narrain (from the Alternative Lawyers Forum in India), and Drag artists such as Asifa Lahore (the first Pakistani Muslim Drag Queen in the UK) to share their work with over 600 participants at our two day conference.

This year we hope to support similar remarkable individuals and organisations from Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Iran.


We would love your help in not just raising funds but also collaborating to bring more research, art, performances and films to ‘Queer’ Asia. If you have qu33rky ideas for ‘Queer’ Asia we would love to hear from you!

You don’t need to donate – we know how real and close to home queer poverty is! – but spreading the joy, whether by sharing, retweeting, speaking to people will all go a long way!

And while all of that would be amazing! Giving us money to help us providing a platform for all our brilliant activists and talented performers would go a long way in helping meet our goals!

P.s: Crowdfunding video has subtitles in 5 different languages so do click on the settings to turn on subtitles!