Queer Asia Conference 2017

Desire • Decolonisation • Decriminalisation

“Queer” Asia’s second edition of the annual “Queer” Asia Conference (QA17) was held at SOAS, University of London from 16th – 18th June, 2017 with partner events at UCL and Birkbeck. The conference brought together a wide range of academics and activists working at the intersections of “Queer” and “Asia.” It facilitated an interdisciplinary and inter-regional exchange of ideas, built enriching networks and stimulated a pan-Asian dialogue on LGBTQ+ issues and struggles in Asia.

The Conference was attended by 500 people over three days from 25 different countries. Here is a review of the Conference by Matthew Waites, Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow and here is a write-up by our committee member Allan Simpson. You can find pictures of the conference here and videos from the conference are available on our YouTube channel.




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