Panel 11: Reclaiming Publics

Panelists and Papers

  1. Queering Alternative Media or Alternating Queer Media?: Theorising Online Chinese Queer Micro-films – Qi Li, PhD Candidate, Film Studies Department, King’s College London, UK.
  2. Performing Desire on Move: The Fluidity of Sensual Capitals in Gay Spaces, Bangkok – Yo-Hsin Yang, PhD Candidate, Department of Geography, Durham University, UK.
  3. The Isolated Queer Body: Harisu’s 2001 Dodo Cosmetics Advertisement – Kate Korroch, PhD Student, Visual Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA.
  4. Confronted By The Body: negotiating visibility, and occupying public space in urban India. – Amalina Dave, Raj Merchant, Independent Scholars and Activists.
  5. Chinese Queer Masculinities:Discrete Desiring Subjects and “Improper” Desire in Call Me Maybe Zhiqiu Zhou, Doctoral Researcher, Communcations Studies, Northwestern University, USA.

Research Brief by Dr Eva C-Y Li, Kings College London (Convenor)