A/Sexuality 101 (Workshop)

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A/Sexuality 101: A conceptual understanding of sexuality, through understanding asexuality

A workshop by Dr Pragati Singh, Indian Aces

Date: 27 June 2018 | Venue: Taviton (16) 431, UCL, WC1H 0BW | 1400-1600

7 - Singh

Understanding the nuances of sexuality through a novel model, using a conceptual understanding of Asexuality. An excellent tool to understand sexuality as a complex amalgamation of human traits as against the uni-dimensional model often portrayed. A/Sexuality 101 workshops were launched in July 2017 by Dr. Pragati Singh, founder of Indian Aces, India’s first and only Asexual collective, with an aim to:

  1. Share her comprehensive model of Sexuality which helps understand the general nuances of practical realities that cannot be explained merely on the basis of sexual orientation, whether straight or LGBP+.
  2. Help people conceptually understand asexuality as a sexual orientation, by way of the same model, and visualise it with utmost clarity.