Central Asia and Caucasus in the spotlight (Roundtable)

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Central Asia and the Caucasus in the Spotlight (Roundtable)

Date: 27 June 2018 | Venue: S209, Paul Webley Wing | 1200-1300

5 - CentralAsia Caucasus

LGBTQI+ rights in Central Asia and the Caucasus have come under increased attack in the recent past, especially due to their proximity with Russia and its influence on their domestic policies. While international media and human rights organisations have been quick to condemn the backlash, there is a need to listen to voices from the ground. Featuring:
Nazik Abylgazieva, Labrys, Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia;
Javid Nabiyev, Founder of Queer Refugees for Pride and Chairman of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance;
Anna Kirey (Chair), Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for Central Asia and Eurasia.

Nazik has been sponsored by Amnesty International.

Speaker Bios:

Nazik Abylgazieva, Labrys, Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia


Nazik is a pansexual activist from Kyrgyzstan. She joined LGBT organization “Labrys” in 2009 and since then activism has become an integral part of her life. Nazik is a former professional sportswoman. She played football and rugby and worked as an instructor at Sports Academy of the Kyrgyz Republic. Her work and ethics are guided by the values of voluntarism, sincerity and solidarity. Nazik is coordinator of the program for the development of partnerships and initiatives. Nazik also coordinates the Resource Center, which provides technical support to the initiative groups of Central Asia.

Javid Nabiyev, Queer Refugees for Pride and Chairman of Nefes LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance

Javid Nabiyev is a LGBT rights defender from Azerbaijan and since 2015, has lived in Germany as a political refugee. Javid’s activism stems from 2012, when he founded Nefes (Breath) LGBT Azerbaijan Alliance. During his activism, Javid participated in the first media conference of the LGBT movement in Azerbaijan, in the first and only Baku Gay Pride, and in the first and only LGBT-Gender Forum and activities. Javid’s work has tackled the unique context of Azerbaijan, a Muslim country, as well as the political context in regards to wider social reforms. Javid’s advocacy work focuses on bringing LGBTQ voices into the public sphere and raising public awareness of the treatment of LGBTQ people in his country. In 2016, he was awarded a title of Global LGBT Rights Influencer by the British Council.

Anna Kirey (chair), Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for Central Asia and Eurasia

Anna Kirey

Anna Kirey is a feminist activist who also happens to be a deputy regional director for campaigns in Eastern Europe and Central Asia with Amnesty International. Anna holds graduate degrees in Gender and Peace Building and Eastern European Studies. In 2004 Anna co-founded LGBTI organization Labrys in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Labrys is now a regional leader in LGBTI rights issues. Most recently Anna’s work has been focused on trans and intersex rights.