Loving my body and letting you (Talk)

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Loving My Body and Letting You

A talk by Hayden Royalty, genderqueer and Korean-American youtuber

Date: 27 June 2018 | Venue: S211, SOAS | 1630-1730

Chair: Dr Eva C.Y. Li, Kings College London

8 - Royalty

Learning to Love Myself and Letting You discusses the self-journey of my genderqueer identity and learning to know myself beyond the constructs of gender, society, and the binary system, as well as navigating that in various forms of relationships (platonic and intimate).


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Hayden Royalty is a Queer Genderqueer and Korean-American Youtuber, currently located in Seoul. They use their platform to show Queer and Asian visibility, educate, and bring hope to this marginalized community and inspire its youth.