Politics of queer organising in Palestine (Talk)

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Politics of Queer Organizing in Palestine, by Haneen Maikey (talk)

Date: 28 June 2018 | Venue: S312, Paul Webley Building | 1600-1730

Chair: Professor Nadje Al-Ali, SOAS

19 - Maikey

This talk shares the grassroots experience of alQaws–the national LGBTQ Palestinian organization–to frame a discussion on how to challenge oppressive systems and offer creative strategies for leading real change in how Palestinian society perceives sexual and gender diversity issues. Queer organizing in Palestine has always been a complex and charged topic, due to its intersection with multiple systems of oppression (e.g., patriarchal, colonial, etc.). These intersections shaped the strategy and ideology of Palestinian queer movements, which adopted a political approach that refuses to isolate sexual and gender diversity issues from the broader colonial context in Palestine. We will take a close look at different aspects of queer organizing in Palestine, specifically: the role of Palestinian history and tradition, the violence of Israeli colonialism, and specifically the impact of the “Pinkwashing” propaganda campaign on the lives of Palestinian queers.

About alQaws
alQaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society is a civil society organization founded in grassroots activism that works toward social change with regard to sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and aspires to create a more vibrant and just society. At individual, community, and societal levels, alQaws disrupts sexual and gender-based oppression, and challenges regulation of our sexualities and bodies, whether patriarchal, capitalist, or colonial. We work collaboratively to transform Palestinian society’s perspectives on gender and sexual diversity, homosexuality and LGBT issues, and to struggle for broader social justice.
Our locally-based programs support and advocate for diverse LGBTQ individuals and their families, create opportunities that inspire youth to become community leaders, open spaces for diverse communities on a local and national levels, develop educational materials to train civil society organizations, movements and counseling professionals, and challenge social norms and common misperceptions with far-reaching innovative media initiatives. More at: http://www.alqaws.org

Speaker Bio:

Haneen is a Palestinian queer community organizer, co-founder and the executive director of the national Palestinian LGBTQ organization “alQaws for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society.”
Haneen has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, with a specialization in Community organizing, and a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit and Community Organizations Management. Haneen also holds a diploma in Organizational Development: A Psychoanalytic and Open System Approach.
Haneen is the author of “The History and Contemporary State of Palestinian Sexual Liberation Struggle” (The Case for Sanctions against Israel, Edited by Lim A., 2012), as well as several articles about queer organizing in Palestine and “Pinkwashing” both in Arabic and English.