Panel 2 – Sexing the Interstices: From Class to Cosplay

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Panel 2: Sexing the Interstices: From Class to Cosplay

Date: 27 June 2018 | Venue: S211 | 1000-1200

Chair: Dr Navtej Purewal, SOAS

  1. ‘Urban interstitiality and queer dwelling spaces: A case study of urban village in Chandigarh, Punjab, India’, Preetika Sharma, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali
  2. Gender Revealed: The Collective Gender Performance in Gender-crossing Cosplay’, Yuchen Yang, University of Chicago
  3. ‘Disruptive Queer Representation: Media Valorization of Queer Bodies in Thai Boys’ Love Television Series’, Jaray Singhakowinta, National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand
  4. “Shemale” or? The Production of Classed and Gendered Sexualities in Beirut’s Bars’, Adriana Qubaiova, Central European University
  5. ‘A Subculture of Sex Workers in Hong Kong’, Xinlei Sha, University of Cambridge