Panel 3 – Life and Livability: Practices of Existence and Resistance

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Panel 3: Life and Livability: Practices of Existence and Resistance

Date: 27 June 2018 | Venue: S209 | 1400-1600

Chair: Dr Ross Forman, University of Warwick

  1. ‘Romancing the Transhuman’, Victoria Caudle, University of East Anglia
  2. ‘Queer kinship diasporas: approaching queer families made through surrogacy in India’, Jaya Keaney, University of Sydney
  3. Reading Shame and Belonging in Guapa and Fi Ghurfat al ‘Ankabout’, Ralph Haddad, McGill University Institute of Islamic Studies
  4. ‘Class as a method to localise queer theory in East Asia’, Ting-Fai Yu, French Centre for Research on Contemporary China
  5. Lost in Gay Paradise: Rethinking Gay tourism, Global Capitalism, and Queer Autonomy in Thailand’, Thirayut Sangangamsakun, University of Warwick