Panel 5 – Breaking Our Backs: Nationalism and State Power

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Panel 5: Breaking Our Backs: Nationalism and State Power

Date: 28 June 2018 | Venue: SOAS Alumni Lecture Theatre | 1000-1200

Chair: Dr Rahul Rao, SOAS

  1. ‘United in exclusion: Queer and blurring the colonial borders’, Altynay Kambekova, Global Health Research Center of Central Asia, Columbia University
  2. Queer bodies as national borders’, Yun Chen Chen, Utrecht University
  3. ‘Tourism as a colonial practice: Pink Washing and Israeli gay pride as a case study’, Rabeea Eid, Doha institute for Graduated Studies
  4. ‘Erasures of History: Bakla (gay) Narratives and the Chico River Dam Struggle’, Jennifer Josef, University of the Philippines Baguio
  5. ‘Depathologization Revisited: Therapeutic Governance, (Re)medicalisation, and the Neoliberal Regulation of Homosexuality in China’, Suisui Wang, Indiana University