Philanthropy & its discontents (Panel)

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Philanthropy and it’s discontents: funding LGBTI activism in Asia (roundtable)

Date: 28 June 2018 | Venue: SOAS Alumni Lecture Theatre | 1400-1530


13 - Philanthropy II

Bringing together experts in the field of philanthropy, this panel focuses on philanthropy and grant making in Asia for LGBTQI+ rights activism and policy work. Activism has been affected by a rise in right wing politics and a backlash against LGBTQI+ rights, tightening resources that are typically provided by foundations and agencies based in the global north.


Urooj Arshad, Director, International LGBTQ Youth Health and Rights Programs at Advocates for Youth;

Matthew Hart, Director, The Global Philanthropy Project;

Zohra Moosa, Executive Director, Mama Cash;

Bridget de Gersigny, Director of Communications, Astraea Foundation;

Susie Jolly (chair), Associate, Institute of Development Studies.