Reflecting Refugee Voices (Panel)

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Reflecting refugee voices: legal challenges and coping strategies (Panel)

Date: 27 June 2018 | Venue: S209, Paul Webley Building | 1630-1800

10 - Refugees

This panel focuses on the experience of LGBTQI+ refugees, when they are forced to flee their home country due to violence and seek asylum in another country. It will focus on legal challenges in seeking asylum, socio-economic difficulties faced by refugees, and coping strategies adopted by them.


Alana Eissa, Pelangi, Campaign for Equality and Human Rights Initiative;

Moni Sikder;

Suraj Girijanshanker, Legal Fellow, University of Columbia Law School, whose research covers the experience of LGBTQ+ refugees from Syria and Iraq in Jordan and Lebanon;

Paul Dillane, Executive Director, Kaleidoscope Trust;

Chaka Bachmann (Chair), Senior Research Officer, Stonewall UK – Author of the report ‘No Safe Refuge’, which focuses on the experience of LGBTQ+ refugees in UK detention centres