‘Bodies X Borders’ Art Exhibition

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An exhibition accompanying the QA18 events

Paul Webley Cloisters, SOAS, University of London
26-28 June 2018

26th June  17:00-20:30
27th June  10:00-19:00
28th June  10:00-19:00

Curator: Rhea Tuli, MA History of Art (UCL), BA History (UCL, School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies); Prospective PhD Candidate in Indian Political Art and Law (UCL)

BxB Poster

The art exhibition ‘Bodies x Borders’ celebrates Asian artists who are exploring issues related to sexuality and gender identity. These themes are not normally addressed in contemporary Asia, with many artists struggling with state censorship, the sensitivity of professional art spaces and a general lack of public interest. The collection of artworks exhibited in ‘Bodies x Borders’ therefore attempts to raise awareness of such important yet neglected subjects and, in doing so, challenges traditional discourses on sexuality and the politics of gender representations in Asia.

Asian artists that delve into the themes of gender identity and sexuality have most often been considered as a marginalised group within the grand discourses of contemporary art. However, far from only being a matter of exclusion, this exhibition seeks to demonstrate that marginalisation also offers a sense of inclusion into other disregarded issues. By exploring sexuality and gender identity in Asia, the artworks exhibited in ‘Bodies x Borders’ shall also engage with marginalised topics such as Asian religion, refugee and immigrant issues, displacement, mental illness and caste discrimination.

‘Bodies x Borders’ runs from June 26th – June 28th 2018 at the Paul Webley Wing, SOAS.  

Featured artists include Ryudai Takano, Heezy Yang, Alqumit Alhamad, Kannagi Khanna, Jay Cabalu, Young Joon Kwak, Royal, Nayoung Jeong, Anica Bawa, Leesal Priya Malhan, Showna Kim, Anil Dega and Manimekala Fuller.