QAFF18: Hong Kong Transgender Stories

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Hong Kong. 2016. Cantonese.

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The self-told stories of 6 transmen and transwomen living in Hong Kong highlighting the issues they face in the family, at work and in society. Discrimination is everywhere and but their hard work made them eventually overcome their difficulties and become a constructive member of the Hong Kong society. Transmen and transwomen are no different to anyone else in society and deserve to be treated like any other ordinary cisgender persons.

Bio: Mimi Wong

I used to be a senior IT professional working for international financial institutions. I lost my job and my family when I decided to transition from male-to-female 8 years ago. With no alternative employment available, I was forced into early retirement and have been engaging as voluntary worker mainly in the social services area. I am also the founder of the Association of World Citizens Hong Kong devoting mainly to the promotion of human rights for the minorities and disadvantaged.