QAFF18: Is it too much to ask?

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India. 2017. English.

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“Is it too much to ask” follows the journey of two friends Smile and Glady – looking for a rental apartment in Chennai and the obstacles and social stigma they encounter in not just looking for a home but being single and the fact that they are transgender women. In addition to the search for a house we will meet the two women in their everyday dealings with an outmost prejudiced society where there are very few emotionally bright spots with which Smile and Glady can recharge their energy. Their identity render them helpless before the caste ridden, feudal and patriarchal landlords of the city who by denying them their apartments, deny their existence too. But Smile and Glady face every day as it comes with so much grace, humor and undying positivity. They turn their anger and frustrations into songs, dance, plays and their work of art continues to supply them the hope to live.

Bio: Leena Manimekalai

Leena Manimekalai is an independent filmmaker, poet and an actor. Her works include five published poetry anthologies and a dozen films in genres, documentary, fiction and experimental poem films. She has been recognised with participation, mentions and best film awards in many international and national film festivals.