QAFF18: Mo Bai

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Canada/ China. 2017. Mandarin.

22 Hu - Mo Bai.png

This short experimental documentary introduces a Chinese trans-identified Taoist monk, Mo Bai. In English, this Chinese name Mo Bai means black and white. While disrupting the dual relations between black and white, this film applies dual channel projection, looping and “speaking nearby” to represent Mo Bai’s narrative of transformation, reincarnation, and temporal extension throughout history.

Bio: Xiao Hu(胡潇)

Xiao Hu(胡潇) is a filmmaker and scriptwriter born in Shandong, China. She received an MFA degree in Film Theory and Practice from the Central Academy of Drama (China) in 2014. Subsequently, she acquired her second Master’s degree in Gender Studies at Queen’s University (Canada) in 2017. When working on her final Master’s research project, she made her first documentary Mo Bai (Black White) Which is based on the contexts and theories of her essay “Nostalgia, Racial Melancholia, and Asian American Woman Intellectuals”.