QAFF18: Rarely Normal

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China. 2017. Mandarin.

12 Rarely Normal

Gouzi is an excellent soccer player, but destiny sends countless curveballs their way. They have been living with a rare disease for 11 years, and during that time they fell critically ill 6 times, they were paralyzed 11 times, and they lost their hearing 4 times. Yet they keep on living their life with a playful and staunch spirit.

Queerness, disability, life, love, affection and survival are just some of the pieces they use to puzzle together their own true self.

Bio: Yaoyao

Yaoyao is a Chinese activist / filmmaker who took part in the LGBTQI video capacity building training “Queer University” in 2012. Her debut film “Brothers” is China’s first documentary to focus on the FTM trans community, and is considered a milestone in the history of trans activism in China. “Rarely Normal” is her second documentary.