QAFF18: Smokers Die Slowly Together

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China. 2017. Mandarin.

16 XinyuanZheng- Smokers Die Slowly Together

A short film exploring the relationship between a lesbian couple, Alina and Lily. This afternoon, Alina is moving out with her boyfriend. They wait for him to arrive and they talk about the past.

Bio: Luxinyuan Zheng

Luxinyuan Zheng, a 26-year-old filmmaker, born and based in Hangzhou, China. Raised by a family of artists, she published her first poem at 11. Her Photography and writing leads to her art of visual storytelling. She graduated from School of Cinematic Arts, USC in 2017 with a film production MFA. Along the way, she has joint photo exhibitions, co-wrote 2 books and initiated group street art projects.