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Date: 3rd September 2021

(Time: 1200 – 1330 BST) Queer Bandung Panel: Reimagining the Queer World

Chair: Popo Fan (co-curator of Imagining Queer Bandung)


Ragil Huda (committee member of the ‘Queer’ Asia Berlin’; co-curator of Imagining Queer Bandung)

Kit Hung (tutor of the Imagining Queer Bandung filmmaking workshop)

Sarnt Utamachote (co-curator of Imagining Queer Bandung)

Daddypuss Rex (participant from the Imagining Queer Bandung podcasting workshop)

Aroh Akunth (participant from the Imagining Queer Bandung podcasting workshop)

Ahmed Awadalla (participant from the Imagining Queer Bandung filmmaking workshop)

Date: 4th September 2021

(Time: 1300 – 1400 BST) Roundtable 1: Colonialism, Counterhistories, and Methodisation

Chair: Somak Biswas (Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Historical Research)


Project Dhee – Critical and Tactical Making as an Approach Towards Queer Utopia in Bangladesh (Mohammed Mizanur Rashid, PhD Candidate, The University of Texas Dallas)

‘Beloved Sons of the Empire’: Homoerotic Paternalism in Imperial Japan (Earl Jackson, Jr., Chair Professor, Asia University)

Extraterritoriality and Extratemporality: Hong Kong Queer Cultural Histories and Historiographies (Victor Fan, Reader in Film and Media Philosophy, King’s College London)

Decolonising Dissent and Desire in Indigenous Punjabi Poetry (Seerat Fatima, PhD candidate, University of Manchester, UK)

(Time: 1430 – 1530 BST) Roundtable 2: Queering/Transing Indigeneity

Chair: Jennifer Ung Loh (Co-organiser, ‘Queer’ Asia)


Hijra representations: Queer Asia as a tool to realize the heterogeneity of hijra existence in Asia (Rukhsar Hussain)

Bangkok-As-Method: Spatial and Other Discursive Imaginations of Sleaze in Ohm Phanphiroj’s Underage (Brian Curtin)

The Affective Common: toilet as method, or other stories of social reproduction (Ian Liujia Tian)

Non-heteronormativity in Pakistan: Against US imperialism (Sarah Suhail)

Bringing Together Queer Studies and Migration Studies through Asia (Ting-Fai Yu)

(Time: 1530 – 1630 BST) Roundtable 3: Dis-orientations/Re-orientations

Chair: Ge Liang (Doctoral researcher, Kings College London)


Thinking without banister and failure for queer asia as method (Hanna Al-Taher)

Dis/Re-Orientations: Queer Asia as Method and Methodology (Naveen Minai, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto)

Trans Asia as Method (Mikee Inton-Campbell, Professor, California State University San Marcos)

Crip, Queer, Asia (Lin Li, Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University)

Interrogating Western Research Methods: Queer communities in Pakistan (Naseeba Umar, PhD candidate, SOAS)

Date: 5th September 2021

(Time: 1300 – 1400 BST) Roundtable 4: Enacting Queer Feminisms

Chair: Ling Tang (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Hong Kong Baptist University)


Feminist ghosts, lesbian pasts and queer futures in India (Srila Roy, Assistant Professor, Wits University)

Bai-he man-hwa represents a juncture of queer identity politics and resistance (Lien Fan Shen, Associate Professor, University of Utah)

Burnout Queerness under the Chinese Dream: Queer Female Entrepreneurs in Urban China (Ling Tang, Postdoctoral Fellow, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Popular culture consumption as the limited but liberating space of Chinese queer feminist activism (Haiyan Huang, PhD candidate, Ghent University)

Lesbian Sinophone as Method (Carman K. M. Fung, University of Melbourne)

(Time: 1500 – 1630 BST) Keynote Panel: Queer Asia as Method

Chair: Liang Ge (Doctoral researcher, Kings College London)

Keynote speakers:

Anjali Arondekar (Associate Professor, Feminist Studies Department, and Co-Director Center for South Asian Studies, UC Santa Cruz)

Geeta Patel (Professor of Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages & Cultures and Women, Gender & Sexuality, University of Virginia)

Petrus Liu (Associate Professor of Chinese and Comparative Literature and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, World Languages and Literatures, Boston University)

Song Hwee Lim (Professor, Cultural and Religious Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

(Time: 1900 – 2030 BST) ESEA Heritage Month Panel: Envisioning Queer East and Southeast Asian Heritage

Chair: Hongwei Bao (editor, Queer Lens)


Qiu Bai (founder, Queer China UK)

Jamie Chi (Queer China UK; director, Safe Distance

Victor Fan (curator, Cinema Comrades, Chinese Visual Festival)

Ge Liang (Doctoral researcher, Kings College London)

How Wee Ng (Lecturer in Chinese Studies, University of Westminster)

Yi Wang (Director, Queer East Film Festival)

Date: 11th September 2021

(Time: 1300 – 1400 BST) Roundtable 5: Who is Disciplining the Desire?

Chair: How Wee Ng (Lecturer in Chinese Studies, University of Westminster)


Digitial Homes: Technology and Sexuality in the Indiaspora (Rahul K Gairola, Senior Lecturer, Murdoch University)

Sticky Rice and Potato Queen and Everything in Between: Redefining Transnationalism Desire with Queer Asia (Ryan Pesigan Reyes, Polytechnic University of the Philippines)

The Birth of Queer Clinic: Gay Taiwanese Men’s Biomedical Travel to Thailand (Poyao Huang, Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University)

Pedagogy of the Homeless: Queer Studies in Indonesia (Hendri Yulius Wijaya) 

AIDS governance in Taiwan (Yi-Tsun Chen, Independent Researcher)

(Time: 1430 – 1530) Roundtable 6: Sensations, Affects, Visuality

Chair: Daniel Luther (Co-founder, ‘Queer’ Asia)


Queering the Intergenerational Remembrance of the White Terror from the Cold War to the Present (Linshan Jiang, PhD candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara)

As a queer I have no country (Chengfan Zhao, Artist, Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Decentralising Asian Queer Film Festivals (Heshen Xie, PhD candidate, University of Nottingham)

Queer Asia and Queer Film Festivals in Europe: An (Auto)-ethnographic Approach (Tianyu Jiang, PhD candidate, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna) 

Experiments with queer romantic songs in regional Indian cinema: Brajabuli as a medium of de-centring queer universalisms (Kaustav Bakshi, Associate Professor, Jadavpur University)

Date: 12th September 2021

(Time: 1300 – 1400 BST) Roundtable 7: Art and Praxis

Chair: Kyoung Kim (Co-organiser, ‘Queer’ Asia)


C.A.R.P (Leonard Arvisu Cruz, Academy of Presidential Scholars)

Attestation before attention: Unclaiming queer from Trương Tân’s art (1990s-2010s) (Ace Le, Nanyang Technological University)

Conceptualizing Gender Non-Conformity through a Performance Praxis (Supraja R, Ahmedabad University)

Internet economy, queer youth cultures in China (Veronica Jingyi Wang, PhD candidate, University of Cambridge)

(Time: 1430 – 1600 BST) Townhall: Decolonising the Curriculum

Chair: Victor Fan (Reader in Film and Media Philosophy, King’s College London)

Participants: all