Queer Asia Conference 2018

qa2018 conf final poster

Queer Asia Conference 2018: Bodies X Borders

Abstract submission deadline: 30th December 2017


In Asia and beyond, queer identities and lived experiences offer unprecedented opportunities to challenge dominant ways of living, being, and knowing. The third edition of the ‘Queer’ Asia conference charts new dialogues on burgeoning questions around bodies and borders, with their attendant biopolitics. How are queer lives being managed and manoeuvred? How do they intersect and intervene with the realities and representations of queer communities in Asia and within Asian diasporas.

As migration (enforced and chosen), war, and crisis (personal, professional, political) impact queer bodies we ask: how do they move and survive in the numerous and varied Asian contexts? How do race, gender, ability, religion, class/caste, disease, and violences impact queer Asian bodies? Can queer bodies transgress (internal and external) borders imposed by politics, economy, science, religion, and culture? How do crises around nationalism and globalisation affect non-normative gender and sexual identities?

We would like to invite all those working on facets of queerness in/on Asia to submit a proposal on any of these or related areas. Proposals may take the form of academic abstract or creative idea. If you have questions relating to submission do not hesitate to get in touch at queerasia@gmail.com.

Submissions could address, but are not limited to, the following sub-themes:


– Embodied Queerness                           – Other(ed) Bodies

– Right-wing Resurgence                      – Borders and Borderlands

– Migration and Diaspora                     – Mixed Race Identity and Anti-blackness

– Nation and Citizenship                       – Sacred/Safe Spaces

– Bio-/Necro-politics                                – Health and Well-being

– Life Course and Aging                        – Poverty and Economic Justice

– Performances/Representations      – Corporation and Corporate Philanthropy

– Activism                                                   – Pink Washing

– Progression and Transgression      – Prejudices and Phobias

– War                                                          – Disability

– Queer Capital

Proposal Guidelines:
Please submit your 300 word proposal by filling in the online form

Please fill in your details and upload a word or pdf document (Filename: SURNAME_INITIAL.doc/.pdf)

Deadline: 30 December 2017

Applicants will hear by February 2018

Conference Date: 27th and 28th June, 2018 (tentative)