Imagining Queer Bandung


Registration open until 15 June 21. Participants will be announced end June 2021. Details of how to apply below.

In collaboration with bi’bak and ‘Queer’ Asia in Berlin 

Funded by Fonds Soziokultur and The European Solidarity Corps in cooperation with bi’bak and  ‘Queer’ Asia in Germany

“But what harm is in diversity, when there is unity in desire?” With this question, the Indonesian president Sukarno opened the 1955 Asian-African Conference in Bandung. Whilst being known as one of the earliest global alliances of people of color in non-alignment politics, these political acteurs represented only the interests of their own nation-states, at the cost of oppressing marginal queer and indigenous groups. Hence the absence of these perspectives in the linear and heteronormative historical narrative of anti-colonial struggles. Imagining Queer Bandung aims to draw a bridge between this “unity in desire” and LGBTQ+ social activism, decolonial knowledge, and cinematic imagination. How can we imagine alternative approaches in which queer bodies – across Asian, African, and Caribbean contexts – participate in, produce and reclaim these larger discourses for themselves, their communities, and their liberation, as neither national nor sexual objects?

bi’bak (Turkish: have a look) is a project space based in Berlin, with a focus on transnational narratives, migration, global mobility, and their aesthetic dimensions. bi’bak’s programme examines diverse disciplines in art, academics, and community development, including film screenings, exhibitions, workshops as well as music events, and culinary excursions. 

For more details and how to apply, please click the links below:

Podcasting Workshops (August 2021)

Filmmaking Workshop (July-August 2021)

[more details on the film festival to follow]