Conference: Call for Submissions

We regret to inform you that we have had to cancel ‘Queer’ Asia Conference and Panel Discussion 2020 but please see here for more details of 2020 events


‘Queer’ Asia Conference 2020

VENUES TBC (Central London)
Fee: Free to attend but regret we are unable to offer any funding
Deadline: 30 January 2020 – as of 3/2/20, this will remain open until 7/2/20 – Apply by the online link below (short online form plus submission abstract attachment)

1. One of our platform’s aims is to build community and engagement so attendance of the full day is a requirement. Please only apply if you can attend the whole day of the conference
2. We welcome a range of submissions: please see details below and get in touch if any questions.
3. We can offer certification if required.

‘Queer’ Asia invites short contributions (such as 300 word abstracts or short film/art submissions) from activists, academics, and film and arts practitioners for our fourth conference to be held in June 2020 on rethinking the radical potential of queerness in contemporary global contexts. We are interested in asking: how and is ‘queer’/’queerness’ still radical? What spaces and practices inform the radical potential of queer? Is the term in translation and contestation with local forms relevant to radical practice in non-western contexts? Does queer presuppose forms of knowledge that are exclusionary (class, race)? How are activist movements still rooted in radical practices? What happens when queerness is co-opted into nationalist forms? What postcolonial structures clash with queerness?

The term ‘queer’ can relate to radical potentiality and as a challenge to traditional binary visibility. It can challenge a range of oppressive norms that intersect with sexuality; it can critique sexuality as a primary marker of identity. It points to a certain radicality yet gets subsumed within existing frameworks of identity politics and as a buzzword for awareness. Is it anything at all (what does it look like), or are we missing the point? In this space, we want to showcase a range of presentations that foreground its critical edge as a radical tool and examine how it challenges that which is deemed normal.

Participants are invited to submit abstracts relating to presentations that will be made at the conference, including formats such as short presentations, poetry, visual/film, art, or dance. Please note timing will be limited to a ten minute presentation on the day.

Themes and topics can include questions and comments related to:

  • Institutionalisation 
  • Homonormativity 
  • Travels and Migration
  • Neoliberal contexts
  • Diaspora
  • Appropriations 
  • Identity and Conflicts/Contestations
  • Queerness beyond sexuality/gender (such as racism, classism, misogyny) and/or intersections thereof
    [The above is a guide and should not be taken as an exhaustive list]

This event will take the form of a conference/seminar to be held with solo sessions (non-parallel) over one day. Participants are expected to attend the whole day and one another’s presentations to facilitate engagement with one another and meaningful discussions. We aim to build community and relationships in our work so attendance of the full day is a requirement. This event will likely follow a panel discussion and reception the night before so that participants can meet one another informally beforehand.

Many thanks to SOAS Centre for Gender Studies for their support of ‘Queer’ Asia 2020 Conference.

SUBMISSIONS’ CALL OPEN UNTIL 30 JAN 2020 – as of 3/2/20, this will remain open until 7/2/20.

Please submit via our online submission form here (short online form plus submission abstract attachment)

If any queries, please email