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Queer Asia Conference: Bodies X Borders

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In Asia and beyond, queer identities and lived experiences offer unprecedented opportunities to challenge dominant ways of living, being, and knowing. The third edition of the ‘Queer’ Asia conference charts new dialogues on burgeoning questions around bodies and borders, with their attendant biopolitics. How are queer lives being managed and manoeuvred? How do they intersect and intervene with the realities and representations of queer communities in Asia and within Asian diasporas.

As migration (enforced and chosen), war, and crisis (personal, professional, political) impact queer bodies we ask: how do they move and survive in the numerous and varied Asian contexts? How do race, gender, ability, religion, class/caste, disease, and violences impact queer Asian bodies? Can queer bodies transgress (internal and external) borders imposed by politics, economy, science, religion, and culture? How do crises around nationalism and globalisation affect non-normative gender and sexual identities?

Conference Schedule-at-a-glance:

26 June, 2018: 

Keynote Panel and reception


Dr Vanja Hamzic, SOAS, University of London
Professor Geeta Patel, University of Virginia
Professor Suen Yiu-Tung, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chair: Dr Nour Abu-Assab, CTDC

The panel will be followed by a reception sponsored by the SOAS South Asia Institute. More details here.

27 June, 2018: 

Schedule-at-a-glance 27 JUNE

28 June, 2018:

Schedule-at-a-glance 28 JUNE

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