Steering towards new directions: after Sec377

QA Blog: Steering towards new directions: after Sec377

Posted on 20/02/2019
By RJ Yogi, Mirchi Love

Decriminalisation of homosexuality in India will always be an important milestone in LGBTQI history but what’s even more important is acceptance of homosexuality in our society. The onus is on us, content creators to do this in a way that reaches out to a larger audience.

I plan to normalise this conversation by creating content which is easy to understand by people who don’t identify as queer. As I have said in the video, this conversation has to now move to being a conversation one have more freely and widely. Once that begins, Love will be love in true sense.

This video is not just about me, it’s about all of us. Anyone who can relate to that anger, that pain, that helplessness which came along with that archaic law that made us criminals, the crime being love.

Sardiyon ki baarish
aur garmiyon ki dhoop tha woh,
Mere sach ko jhootha karde ,
Waise wala jhooth tha woh,

Aadhar pe likha galat naam tha woh,
90`s ki Filmon mein jo villain karta,
Waisa ganda kaam tha woh,

Kaafi Unfair tha,
Bina sar pair tha,
Par Innocent ko criminal bana de,
Aisa usmein dare tha.

Thankfully ab woh nahin raha,
Lekin uska bhoot, woh aaj bhi aas paas hai,
Raj Rahul se ya Tina Anjali se kare pyaar,
To janta aaj bhi naraaz hai.

News channel se ab is pyaar ko saas bahu tak laana hai,
Love is Love kehna kaafi simple hai,
Lekin abhi is baat ko, bohot door tak jaana hai…

Translation by Brut.:

It was like the winter rain
And the summer heat.
It was a lie that could falsify my truth.

Like an error in my Aadhaar name.
something a 90s’ villain would do…
it was such an ugly act.

It was very unfair.
It had no meaning.
It dared to make a criminal out of an innocent person.

Thankfully, it’s not around anymore.
But its ghost continues to haunt us.
If Raj loves Rahul, and Tina loves Anjali,
then the people still get angry.

From news channel, we need to bring it to our daily soaps.
It’s easy to say, “Love is love.”
But this issue has a lot of ground to cover.