QA18 Featured Events Day 1

QA18 Featured Events Day 1: 27 June 2018

1200-1300: Mourning in diaspora and narrating queer Asian melancholia, by Dr Wen Liu, University of Albany

1200-1300: Central Asia and Caucasus in the spotlight (discussion)

1400-1600: ‘Being LGBTI in Asia’: exploring the UNDP Project (roundtable)

1400-1600: A/Sexuality 101: a conceptual understanding of sexuality through understanding asexuality, by Dr Pragati Singh (workshop)

1630-1800: Reflecting refugee voices: legal challenges and coping strategies (roundtable)

1630-1730: Loving my body and letting you, by Hayden Royalty (talk)

1630-1800: Contempt, by Danish Sheikh (play)

Featured Events for 28 June 2018