QAFF18: The Films

‘Queer’ Asia Film Festival is back with five days of films from all over Asia. The film festival this year show cases 30 films including the first ever ‘Queer’ Asia Short Shorts, a collection of 22 short films from countries including China, India, Myanmar, Thailand, and Lebanon. The second installment of Queer Asia’s annual Film Festival focuses on the theme of Bodies X Borders to be screened in June 2018 in London. Bodies X Borders evokes frames of visualising queer bodies transgressing (norms, nations, identities) in a fast changing global world.

More details on the films (in order of appearance) at this year’s festival can be found at the links below:

24th June 2018, Stevenson LT, The British Museum

Poshida. Pakistan/ UK. Urdu/English. 2016

Screaming Goats. Thailand. Thai. 2017

Lanang (Time for poetry to shine). Indonesia. Javanese. 2017

Inaayat. India. Hindi/English. 2017

Reality Fragment 160921. Sweden/ USA/ China. Mandarin/ English. 2017

Our Vaginas, Ourselves. China. Mandarin.

Slay. The Philippines. Filipino. 2017

Front Cover. Hong Kong. Mandarin/English. 2015

25th June 2018, Khalili LT, SOAS, U. of London

Ka Bodyscapes. India. Malayalam. 2016 (University of Warwick)

My Son is Gay. India. Tamil. 2017 (SOAS)

27th June 2018, Paul Webley Wing, SOAS, U. of London

Carlos Jauregui: The Unforgettable Fag. Argentina. Spanish. 2016

Skopje, Sarajevo and Salonika – A Post-Ottoman Trilogy. Bosnia/ Macedonia/ Greece. English/ Bosnian/ Greek/ Turkish/ Albanian. 2017

Rarely Normal. China. Mandarin. 2017

Haki Fadi (Empty Talks). UK/Palestine. Arabic. 2017

Re-births. France/ Russia/ China/ Peru. French/ English/ Russian/ Spanish. 2018

28th June 2018, Paul Webley Wing, SOAS, U. of London

Journey. Thailand/ USA. Thai/ English. 2017

Close Friends. China. Cantonese. 2017

Smokers Die Slowly Together. China. Mandarin. 2017

Chi Chu. China. Mandarin. 2017

Way to content. China. Mandarin. 2017

Crossing Bridges. Canada/ Indonesia. English. 2016

Unconditional Love. Myanmar. Burmese. 2016

Mo Bai. Canada/ China. Mandarin. 2017

Is it too much to ask? India. English. 2017

29th June 2018, BP LT, The British Museum

Hong Kong Transgender Stories. Hong Kong. Cantonese. 2016

Pink Pill. China. Mandarin. 2017

Linceul. Lebanon. French. 2017

Sisak. India. Silent Film. 2017

Tritiya. India. Malayalam. 2017

A Thousand Years to Love. Myanmar. Burmese. 2017

Where are you from? UK/China. Visual Performance. 2017

Ka Bodyscapes. India. Malayalam. 2016